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The New Suhner ASC 22 Battery-Operated Straight Grinder

High performance – mobile and unattached!

Power is not always available where you need it for tough-to-reach areas that need sanding, milling and drilling. For applications such as these, SUHNER now presents its battery-operated straight Die-grinder. With a rotation speed of 22,000 rpm, the ASC provides the user with a hand-held, mobile, high-performance Tool. This tool, which can be used around the World, is a great all-rounder that performs at all professional levels.


This new cordless tool is Li-Ion Battery powered and offers all the right settings for power tool work on high-grade projects in all types of steel.
It is also great for other sectors where these qualities are needed, such as the fire services, emergency services, or for locksmiths, caretaking and maintenance.
The ASC 22 is reliable and gets the work done rapidly, all without being attached to a power supply! The ASC 22 is not only highly effective, it is also silent.

For demanding users

This all-rounder is the right tool for anyone that wants to achieve precise, high-quality results.
The ASC 22 is the best choice for grinding with formed abrasives, for milling with carbide cutters and for drilling with normal or carbide drills. It is lightweight at just 1.9 kg, including its battery pack. Its ergonomic and well-balanced shape enables you to carry out very detailed work without becoming tired. With a slimline neck, it can also reach narrow areas easily.

Globally compatible

The machine has a chuck system that ensures quiet running with minimised vibrations. The user can choose between chucks of 6mm (mainly used in Europe) and 1/4” (for the USA and overseas markets). We provide four different connector cables so that the battery can be charged from almost any internationally used plug socket.

High performance battery technology

The powerful electric motor from the latest generation are driven by high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which are the best option because of their high output, low self-discharge and the fact that they have no memory effect. This means that charging your battery is problem-free every time. The powerful battery packs have a 4.0 Ah charge capacity and work on a voltage of 18 V.

rt_0001_image006   rt_0000_image005


Sophisticated system

Intelligent battery management ensures that all the components work together perfectly and that the available power is used optimally. In this process, the temperature of the battery and machine are continuously monitored so that overheating or overloading of the device is effectively prevented. The electric motor is protected from coarse dust by a detachable particle guard. The battery packs are housed in a shock-absorbent rubber jacket.

Practical set

The ASC 22 comes as a set consisting of the machine, two battery packs and a charger with four different connector cables in a practical, durable plastic case.


Everything you need for a job in a robust case: the battery-operated grinder, 2 battery packs and 4 connector cables for international use.



For more information, please contact:

SUHNER Industrial Products, LLC
43 Anderson Road SW
P.O. Box 1234
Rome, GA 30161
Phone 706/235-8046
Fax 706/235-8045

Attention: Guido Broder, President

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Micro-Poise Partners with Siemens to Provide the MTMS Tire Measurement System to Major American Tire Builder

The Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS) is a tire uniformity, dynamic tire balance measurement and tire geometry inspection system combined in a single unit for optimum performance, minimal manpower hours and optimum floorspace utilization in tire plant facilites; system combines Micro-Poise tire measurement technology with advanced Siemens servo motors, drives and TIA Portal PLCs plus enhanced communications protocol to provide the best measurement and cycle time on the market.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, an Ametek company with over 90 years experience in service to the tire and auto industries and located in Streetsboro, Ohio, today announces plans to replace an existing tire measurement system at a production facility of a major American tire builder. According to John Clark, Director of Product Management for new machinery at Micro-Poise, the customer presented Micro-Poise with several challenges, including the replacement of an existing system within the same footprint, while providing the customer with the most advanced tire measurement and data communications technologies available. The selection of the MTMS from Micro-Poise will afford the end user complete tire testing in one unit, with the best measurement quality and cycle time available, while also providing a reduced footprint for optimum utilization of floor space and reduced manpower hours required.

The MTMS combines three proprietary technologies into a single system, including Micro-Poise ASTEC™ FX tire uniformity measurement, AkroDYNE™ FX dynamic balance measurement and TGIS-SL® tire geometry inspection. The resulting advantages for the end user, according to company sources, will be a minimum tire testing cycle time, reduction of manpower hours, installation of the entire system within the footprint of the existing D70 system installed globally at numerous tire plants and reduced downtime, due to the materials handling configuration and transfer mechanisms on the MTMS.

To help produce the required system, Micro-Poise engineering has turned to its longtime partner Siemens for assistance with the motion and machine control, plus a communications platform that will seamlessly transmit all data gathered upstream to the end user’s production management team. The Siemens product and software support onboard the MTMS will include TIA Portal Simatic S7 PLCs, Sinamics drives, Simotics motors, advanced fault detection and alarm sequencing, diagnostic prioritization software on the HMI for faster recognition by the operators, higher levels of data gathering for production management analysis and a seamless Profinet/Ethernet communications platform.

The new MTMS is currently in the build and test phases at Micro-Poise, with delivery to the customer slated for the Fall of 2016. During early 2017, additional linking of the machine to the entire production protocol will occur.

Modular Tire Test Measurement Systems (MTMS)

Modular Tire Test Measurement Systems (MTMS)


The main components of the MTMS design include:

  • Handler and Luber with centering device
  • ASTEC®PLUS Tire Evaluation Center
  • Drop Conveyor to Handler and Centering device for dynamic balance machine
  • AkroDYNE®Dynamic Balancing System with optional TGIS-SL®
  • Exit station with optional AkroMARK™ Hot Stamp Marker
  • Optional tire sorter to complete the testing operations


The Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS) from Micro-Poise combines tire uniformity, dynamic balance measurement and tire geometry inspection into a single unit with full transfer mechanisms to speed cycle time, reduce manpower hours and conserve floor space. In its most efficient configuration, the total system cycle time is said to be the fastest in the industry. In addition, each individual measurement station insures the best measurement with no compromise in precision and accuracy. Siemens motion control technologies and software are key to overall machine performance and data communications, according to Micro-Poise sources.

Contact for journalists:

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Alisa Coffey
(678) 427-8319

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Hollie Davis
(770) 751-4882


For more information on this news release, interested parties may also contact:

AMETEK Micro-Poise Measurements Systems
555 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, OH 44241
Phone: (330) 541-9100
Stacey Urdiales, Marketing Services & Documentation Manager

About Siemens USA
Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. With approximately 348,000 employees in more than 190 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of $86.2 billion in fiscal 2015. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $22.4 billion, including $5.5 billion in exports, and employs approximately 50,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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600°F Truck Oven from Grieve


No. 936 is a 600°F (316°C) truck oven from Grieve, currently used for hi-temp processing of parts at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 36” W x 36” D x 60” H. 24 KW are installed in Nichrome wire heating elements, while a 1500 CFM, 1-1/2 HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload.

This Grieve truck oven has 5” insulated walls, top-mounted heat chamber and Type 304 2B finish stainless steel interior. Features also include a stainless steel exterior with #4 brushed finish, solenoid operated door lock and safety equipment for handling flammable solvents, including explosion venting door hardware. The oven includes a 325 CFM powered forced exhauster plus motorized dampers on intake and exhaust for accelerated cooling.

Controls on No. 936 include a digital programming temperature controller and SCR power controller.

500 Hart Road
Round Lake, IL  60073-2898
Phone:  (847) 546-8225
Fax:  (847) 546-9210
Web:  www.grievecorp.com
Email:  sales@grievecorp.com
Attention:  Frank Calabrese, VP

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Hengstler eXtendo Receipt-Type Printers Now Offer Chinese Font Set

Thermal Printer

The X-56 thermal printer from Hengstler is now available with extra fonts and features to suit all applications

The Chinese language is the world’s most widely spoken, dwarfing the next most popular language, Spanish, by a factor of nearly three. Beyond China, the language is spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, and is present extensively in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, not to mention sizable Chinese communities in almost all Western economies. With this in mind, incorporating the Chinese language into tickets machines found at locations such as car parks, outdoor kiosks, railway/metro stations, betting shops and ATMs, for example, can now be facilitated with Hengstler’s eXtendo XF.

To store the large GB18030 national standard master font set, which contains more than 27,000 Chinese characters, Hengstler has doubled the memory within its eXtendo XF family printers to 4 MB. In fact, both the X-56 and X-80 (the numerals represent the receipt width in millimetres) now offer larger flash and RAM. Furthermore, due to the required Unicode addressing scheme and the larger number of characters that must be stored, hardware and firmware redesigns were also implemented.

A further benefit of the increased memory means that there is no longer any limitation on the size of customer font and bitmap images that can be uploaded, thus delivering greater product functionality.

With the integral font manager, customers can upload any type of font desired (up to 10 fonts) using the upload tool that is included in the printer’s driver package. Font manager selects and matches all the characters of the font type as defined in the code page. It is also possible to select and/or deselect single characters. Hengstler only uses the font manager for licensed fonts but customers can use it to upload their own licensed or open source fonts.

As a point of note, the expanded memory also means that Hengstler is able to service languages such as Japanese, Korean, Hebrew or any other language containing proprietary character sets. Importantly, however, to avoid burdening OEM customers that do not require special character sets with the cost of expanded memory, the basic versions remain available.

The original eXtendo family of receipt type printers has been in worldwide circulation for over a decade. The successful X-56 and X-80 models enjoy a market reputation as highly reliable direct thermal print mechanisms capable of operating in environments where there are wide variations in temperature and humidity, while further benefits include compact design, accurate cutting and an extensive feature set. The need to print and cut thick paper, handle large paper rolls and detect jams are among additional capabilities ensuring the ongoing popularity of these advanced printers.

For more information, please contact:

Marketing Communication Contact
Hengstler GmbH
Uhlandstr. 49 78554 Aldingen
Adrian Benz
Phone: + 49 (0) 7424-89 546
Fax: + 49 (0) 7424-89 500

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2000°F Gas-Fired, Heavy-Duty Furnace

No. 1042 is a 2000°F (1093°C), gas-fired heavy-duty furnace from Grieve, currently used for heat treating at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this furnace measure 30″ W x 60″ D x 30″ H.  750,000 BTU/HR are installed in four modulating natural gas burners with a floor mounted combustion air blower. Burners fire below hearth, with 9″ thick insulated walls comprising 5″ thick 2300°F ceramic fiber, 4″ 1900°F block insulation and 8 1/2″ floor insulation made from 4-1/2″ of 2300°F firebrick and 4” of 1900°F block insulation.

This Grieve furnace has two lanes of roller rails supported by firebrick piers and an air-operated platform with roller rails to bridge from loading table to workspace. Features include a 1/4” plate steel exterior reinforced with structural steel, 1/2″ steel faceplate at doorway and an air-operated vertical lift door.

Other features include safety equipment required by IRI, FM and National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment plus a free-standing 390 CFM high-pressure combustion blower.

Controls on the No. 1042 include a digital indicating temperature controller and manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.

500 Hart Road
Round Lake, IL  60073-2898
Phone:  (847) 546-8225
Fax:  (847) 546-9210
Web:  www.grievecorp.com
Email:  sales@grievecorp.com
Attention:  Frank Calabrese, VP

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Rattunde to Host Open House for Its 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Rattunde, a leading builder of tube and bar processing machinery, is hosting a Technology Open House to celebrate its 10-Year anniversary at the company’s North American headquarters in Caledonia, MI. The two-day event kicks off on Thursday, September 15th and runs through Friday, September 16th, 2016. The anniversary celebration starts at 5 pm on Thursday, while the Technology Open House takes place on Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

At the Technology Open House, visitors will have the opportunity to see and learn about Rattunde machining production systems on various applications through the fully operational production unit in-house and the live machine demonstrations featuring new technology. On-site technical discussions will be conducted and requests can be made for personal meetings with technical experts. Meals will be provided.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn about Rattunde’s capabilities and celebrate their milestone anniversary! RSVP by August 15th, 2016, to Janelle McFarlane at 616-940-3340 x 207 or J.McFarlane@rattunde-corp.com.


For more information, please contact:
Janelle McFarlane
Project Coordinator
5080 Beltway Dr. SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
Telephone: 616-940-3340 x 207

Rattunde is a leader in the high speed, high precision sawing and machining production systems for tubes and solid bars. Operations performed on Rattunde production systems include sawing, machining, inspection, wash/dry and packaging.

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Suhner Introduces Turbo Trim Meat Cutting Unit

Complete Unit for Cutting and Trimming Beef, Pork and Poultry


Photos show unit variations and the flex shafts that supply the rotary power transmission, when in use.

Rome, Georgia – Suhner Industrial Products, LLC introduces the TurboTrim – a complete unit for cutting and trimming beef, pork and poultry. The unit has multiple sized trimmers available for use in the different steps of the meat cutting process, helping to increase productivity, performance and product yield.

Features of the unit include high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel blades which require fewer sharpenings, a coated housing which runs smoothly and quietly with minimal vibration and a patented, adjustment free housing with fewer moving parts to save time. The TurboTrim has a hard plastic handle which is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and a lightweight handpiece to enhance operator performance and reduce fatigue.

TurboTrim knives are based on the principle of a rotating round knife, and manufactured with the highest Swiss quality and precision.

The TurboTrim has a stainless steel motor assembly featuring a slide out bracket which allows motor to be easily removed for cleanup without the use of tools. Downtime is reduced with a quick change assembly for flexible shaft replacement.

For more information, please contact:

SUHNER Industrial Products, LLC
43 Anderson Road SW
P.O. Box 1234
Rome, GA 30161
Phone 706/235-8046
Fax 706/235-8045

Attention: Guido Broder, President

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Suhner Introduces Rotomax Flexible Shaft Machine

Suhner Introduces Rotomax Flexible Shaft MachineUnit performs a variety of machining tasks with interchangeable hand pieces

Rome, Georgia – Suhner introduces the Rotomax flexible shaft machine, a unique unit with interchangeable hand pieces that allow a user the freedom to perform a wide variety of machining operations with a single machine. The Suhner Rotomax functions as an angle grinder, straight grinder, drum polisher, belt sander, tube polisher or die grinder, simply by changing the hand piece. This new machine has myriad applications in industrial steel fabrication, polishing operations, sheetmetal assembly, food processing and foodservice equipment builds, appliance manufacturing, various stainless steel fabrications including medical and more.

The Suhner Rotomax offers users a range of power from 2.0-4.7HP and features electronically-controlled speeds ranging from 500-15,000 RPM in increments of 100 RPM at the touch of a button. The combination of an industrial grade motor and solid-state electronic control ensure constant speed and torque during any application. With no gearing, the Rotomax operates very quietly.   Other features include soft start, integrated braking and an LED-displayed speed gauge.

Suhner Introduces Rotomax Flexible Shaft MachineSuhner Introduces Rotomax Flexible Shaft Machine

The Rotomax is offered as a hanging model, for the user wishing to keep the power flex shaft above the work; on the basic stand, which can be mounted wherever the user desires; or on a specially-designed stable trolley (STM) for portability around the work shop or production line.

For more information, please contact:

SUHNER Industrial Products, LLC
43 Anderson Road SW
P.O. Box 1234
Rome, GA 30161
Phone 706/235-8046
Fax 706/235-8045
Attention: Aaron Beck, National Sales Manager, Abrasives & Power Tools

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Heimatec Releases Four New Catalogs Showcasing Dedicated Tooling Lines

New catalogs for Mori Seiki, TSUGAMI and Miyano machines offer standard tools from live tooling leader

Heimatec Dedicated Tooling Catalog

Montage of new machine tool brand-specific tooling catalogs from Heimatec

Heimatec, a market leader in live tooling for the North American machine tool industry, has released a series of four new catalogs showcasing the company’s lines of machine brand specific tooling.

Already offering the most complete line of live tools available in the industry, with over 40,000 designs in its database, Heimatec machine brand specific tooling includes products for the following popular brands:

  • Mori Seiki BMT 40 NZ/NZX 1500-2000
  • Mori Seiki BMT60, NL/NLX 1500-4000 MC/Y/SMC/SY
  • Miyano ABX 64 TH/TH2/TH3, BND 51 S/SY, BNJ 42 SY3, BNE 51 SY5, BNJ 51 SY3

Heimatec sets the standard for the highest precision and most advanced technology in the machine tool accessory market. The company is acknowledged as a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads.

In addition to its standard tooling and machine brand specific line, Heimatec also offers custom designed tooling. Heimatec tooling experts work directly with customers to design solutions to suit specific requirements for all CNC lathes, helping to solve the most challenging applications in multiple markets served by the company, ranging from orthopedic devices to oil & gas drilling equipment.   

Heimatec North American distribution headquarters are located in Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicago) with world headquarters plus all manufacturing based in Germany.  A team of manufacturers’ representatives covers the North American market for Heimatec. 

Visit Heimatec at IMTS 2016, Booth # W-2054 in Chicago. 

For more information or to receive a PDF copy of the new dedicated tool catalogs, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Heimatec Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 129
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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GMTA News Of Note (Issue 2016-2)

Ann Arbor, Michigan – GMTA (German Machine Tools of America) represents various top-quality German and other metalworking machine builder companies, including Profilator GmbH, Praewema, K + G, Rasoma, FIMAT and BvL, as well as Arnold lasers and other equipment. These machines are sold to the North American market by GMTA, primarily for gear and spline production, as well as other power transmission and various metalworking applications. The company’s target markets include automotive, off-highway, energy and other heavy equipment manufacturing. Machines are provided for gear honing, gear grinding, the patented Scudding® and now the game-changing Hard Scudding® process for gearmaking, polygon milling, turning, gear tooth pointing and multi-task machining operations, as well as various laser operations or fully-engineered machine tool and laser line integration. This newsletter is provided to our friends in the media to keep you and your readers updated on “News of Note” at GMTA.

In the news…

GMTA Vice President Scott Knoy addresses the annual sales meeting of Star SU on April 8, 2016.

GMTA Vice President Scott Knoy addresses the annual sales meeting of Star SU on April 8, 2016.

  • Scott Knoy, our VP, spoke on April 8 to the national sales meeting of Star SU, partner to GMTA for tooling.
  • GMTA is entering the printed circuit assembly grinding arena with a new machine. Testing is currently under way.
  • GMTA is exploring the gundrilling market, with an eye on bringing such a line to the North American market.
  • GMTA has secured a booth in the South Hall at IMTS and will be presenting its full line to the global metalworking market at this event in September, 2016.
GMTA Mexico exhibited BvL parts cleaning technology and our full line of machine tool and laser offerings at ExpoMaq in Leon.

GMTA Mexico exhibited BvL parts cleaning technology and our full line of machine tool and laser offerings at ExpoMaq in Leon.

  • Our Mexican team exhibited at ExpoMaq with great success, showing a Bvl parts washer. We are now the exclusive representative for this line in Mexico. The new Queretaro facility of GMTA Mexico is already serving our considerable install base of machine tools and other equipment in-country with application engineering, sales and a full service operation.
  • Hard Scudding® continues to impress the industry. With this unique technology, green and hardened gears can be machined on the same equipment, with a programming software unmatched in the industry for accuracy and consistent performance.
  • Caterpillar selected our Rasoma machine line for a major insourcing on a bushing initiative.
  • GMTA Scudding technology was selected for development of ring gears by GM.
  • Likewise, GM has chosen GMTA to collaborate on super finishing and new gear honing projects.
  • The company website www.gmtamerica.com has been updated to reflect all the new lines of equipment we currently handle for the North American market, from our locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Mexico.
  • Magna selected GMTA for its Audi Heavy-Duty Flex Program.
  • GMTA continues its application on the 9-speed transmission work at Chrysler.
  • Arnold lasers are being used for cutting, cladding, welding and out-of-round part work, all with standard machines. The laser head articulates around the part, rather than the part being turned on a table.
  • Major automotive supplier GKN is utilizing our FIMAT machines at two facilities in North Carolina for grinding and milling of U-joints.
  • Ford has purchased a proprietary machine design for its gear lab in Livonia, Michigan.
  • GMTA was recently featured in Production Machining and other magazines for its customer successes and breakout technologies.
  • GMTA is a sponsor of the upcoming AGMA annual meeting on Amelia Island, Florida. We are very proud of our long association with this great group of gearheads!

For more information on any items in this announcement, please contact:

4630 Freedom Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 734-973-7800
Fax: 734-973-3053
Web: www.gmtamerica.com
Email: scott@gmtamerica.com
Attention: Scott Knoy, VP

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