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Suhner Launches New Tool Repair Center

Suhner’s North American service center has larger capacity, new equipment, better organization and more staff

Suhner Repair Center Team

Suhner proudly announces the opening of its new North American center. Located immediately next to the existing repair center on the company campus in Rome, Georgia, this facility offers customers several benefits. While the actual size is about the same as the previous repair center, there is 40% more workspace, thanks to better storage and materials handling operations. The center’s repair area has increased by 50% and there are new repair function areas, as well as new repair equipment. Suhner’s new center also features improved training facilities and a test area. The North American center has substantial room for expansion, as well, according to company sources.

Suhner Repair CenterOrganizationally, the center has shelving for vertical storage (18’ racking), industrial cabinets for organized parts storage and separate and dedicated stock areas. Further, Suhner has hired additional staff to offer better customer service to clients. This service includes onsite training in operations and maintenance of Suhner automated tooling equipment and other products in the line.

This new factory service center repairs spindles, multiple spindle heads, slides and live tooling. In the near future, Suhner will also service rotary index tables for CNC machines. Additionally, Suhner repairs its own line of abrasive power tools and competitive brands of spindles, multi-heads and live tooling.

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