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Simotion Synchronized Drive Control offered for Printing and Converting Applications

Over 100 axes of motion can be engaged on system architecture

Sychronized MotionSiemens Industry, Inc. announced today the availability of a Simotion Synchronized Drive Control (SDC) standard application solution as a complete package for immediate implementation by machine builders, system integrators and end-users alike, in printing and converting applications.  As mechanical line shafts decline in their use and are being replaced by electronic line shafts, torsion elasticity and gear backlash are being eliminated where the printing press or post-press machine sections electronically gear the individual sections together. Utilizing Virtual Master technology ensures perfect synchronism between machine sections.  Axes on a single or multiple Simotion controller arrangement can be geared together in a common Virtual Master, then operated in a Global Master mode when all axes are in operation, or a Local Master, when only sections of the line are running.  Operation with multiple Global Master and Local Master modes is also possible.

To maximize the make-ready and uptime efficiencies of the line, it is often necessary to electronically decouple line sections for plate changes on the fly. With today’s drives, drive controls and electronic feedback devices, in addition to this Siemens solution suite, it is now possible to synchronize all drive sections to streamline the process.

Synchronized Drive Control is a ready-to-use solution dedicated to the synchronization of all motion functions, whether local or synchronous. It can be implemented in minutes and includes comprehensive documentation. As an open source application, Simotion SDC is immediately customizable for the printing line or converting machine’s specific requirements. Integrated WinCC Flexible HMI is ready-to-use during development, commissioning and operation of the line, as well.

Simotion SDC can synchronize all motion functionality between multiple Simotion motion controllers over a Profinet network, allowing 100+ axes to be engaged on the system architecture simultaneously or grouped, as needed.

This solution can be applied to gravure, offset, flexo and digital printing presses in wide, mid-range and narrow web format, as well as a broad range of finishing equipment including binders, stitchers, inserters, collators, polywraps, conveyors, grippers and stackers. Simotion SDC is further complemented by the Siemens Converting Toolbox for use on a full range of winding, web transport and tension management systems.

For more information about this solution, please visit www.usa.siemens.com/printing

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