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Retargeted Advertising: The Way of the Future…and Now!

Most web users (which is most people), should be well aware of retargeted ads. Even if you don’t realize why or how they work, you’ve probably noticed suspiciously interesting ads following you from site to site. You may be asking, “how do they know what I was just searching, or what I’m interested in? How are they able to follow me?” The question you should be asking is this: “how do I reach my customer base this same way?”

We live in a time that allows us to advertise specifically to customers who have shown a direct interest in your product, whether they had visited your website, made a search inquiry relating to one of your products or searched websites of a similar topic. This technology is here for the taking, so what’s holding you back?

  1. Cost is oftentimes a fear when first beginning a retargeting program, but this shouldn’t be the case. Retargeting is one of the most affordable ways to reach your customer, usually costing just a couple bucks for a click on your ad. If you’ve really done a good job of controlling and organizing where and how your ads show, clicks can be under a dollar!
  2. Another concern is the initial setup required and time necessary to monitor and adjust the account. While it can be daunting, the process is well worth the time. We’re here to help with this as well, setting up, monitoring, adjusting and providing feedback on how the campaign is working, tweaking things along the way to keep your cost-per-click as low as possible and overall quality of clicks as high as possible.
  3. Finally, you’ll always hear the concern that retargeting is just “too creepy and invasive.” New technology will always be looked at this way – you can bet that the invention of the telephone elicited a similar response – but people adjust and become comfortable with everything over time. In fact, users stay interested in retargeted ads twice as long as a regular online ad, and for good reason – they’re ads that the user has already shown interest in ahead of time! Retargeting isn’t going anywhere and will only increase in popularity over time. Now is the time to take advantage of your competitors who are not using this service!

Retargeted ads can be used in several ways to accomplish various needs. Want to appear at the top of the Google search page when someone types your company’s name, a competitor’s name or a keyword associated with your product? Maybe you’d like to show an ad on any of the millions of participating web pages after the user searches a term? Perhaps you’d like to show your ad only to people within a small radius around a tradeshow (geotargeting)? Retargeting can accomplish any and all of these tasks, and we can do it all for you.

When it comes to brand awareness, it’s hard to beat retargeting. One of our clients enjoyed over 7 million ad views and over 14 thousand ad clicks each month at a budget of under $3,500 a month, which is often less than the price of just one ad in many magazines! Retargeting is a great supplement to traditional print marketing.

It’s time to stop looking at retargeted ads as just an alternative form of advertising. If people are searching you or your product-type on Google, then you could, and should, be benefiting from retargeting. There’s no better time to try it than now.