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New and Improved Simotion Scout Improves Usability

New Simotion Scout version 4.2, a visualization tool for parameter configuration of Simotion, the Siemens motion control system for production machines.

CHICAGO, PACK EXPO — The motion control business of Siemens Industry, Inc. has announced that Simotion Scout, the engineering system used for configuring Simotion motion controllers, has been updated with a wide range of usability improvements.  As more and more demands are put on modern production machines, this system enables all of the application functions and tasks to be implemented within one uniform user interface.

Simotion is the scalable motion control system that quickly and easily handles increasing machine demands by enabling central machine functions to be implemented with just one controller.
It is available in three variants: drive-based, PC-based and controller-based.

Simotion Scout facilitates the configuration, programming, testing and commissioning of applications.  With its graphical-based programming, Scout further facilitates system configuration for new users.  Users of Scout 4.2 will also benefit from new features such as automatic drive integration and detailed comparisons for graphics-based programming languages.

The most significant innovation of Scout 4.2 is its simplified interface to the Siemens Sinamics drive system.  This feature provides users with an automated means of integrating drives and components into the Simotion system.  Using the new symbolic assignment of technology objects (TOs) and I/Os to drive objects, users no longer manually configure communication with message frames and addresses because Simotion Scout now automates this task.  Object-to-object assignment takes place via a new inter-connection screen.  In this screen, all compatible partners are listed hierarchically and the symbolic connection of the components to be inter-connected takes place by simple selection.

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