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Is This Real Life?? A Note on Augmented Reality

Remember this? Star Wars is a great example of  maximum creativity in the imagining and depicting of innovative, futuristic gadgets and concepts (meanwhile, creativity for costume design = minimal, pretty sure they all just wore potato sacks and bedsheets)



What’s even more impressive is that THIS IS HAPPENING.

Recently, Watry Industries, LLC exhibited at the AFS 118th Metalcasting Congress and handed out these cards at their booth:

Scan with actable™ for AWESOMENESS

Scan with actable™ for AWESOMENESS!


Download the actable™ app for Android, iPhone or iPad and hold the scanner up to the card. Yes – you can even hold it up to a computer screen or the screen of another phone or tablet and scan! Or, if you’re stuck in the dark ages, you can print the card out and scan to play 🙂

See a quick video of the whole thing going down >>HERE<<.


Augmented reality is emerging full force and making big splashes (ex. Pepsi in London and Lego). Computer-generated sensory input (sight, sound, feel) can change and enhance the way we interact with just about anything!

Well done, Watry. We applaud this shiny new toy.

Watry is a permanent mold aluminum foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They take part design and do all of the following, all in-house.

That’s their single-source promise.

For more information about Watry Industries, please contact:

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Sales Manager
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