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HT Series… Fastest Quick-Change Tool Adapter System On The Market!

New Heimatec system reduces downtime, eliminates costly changeover; ideal for the busy job shop or production department

HT Series quick-change tool adapter system from Heimatec requires only a single clamping bolt turn for changeover. Click the image to view the animation.

Heimatec, a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads, announces immediate availability of its newest development, the HT Series quick-change tool adapter system.  With the HT Series onboard, users do not need to change tooling, only the adapter and that action is accomplished with a single clamping bolt.  In this way, collet assemblies can be preset outside the machine tool, then simply swapped out as needed.

Whether a one-off job shop or long run production department, downtime on any machine tool is costly and the HT Series reduces changeover from an average of 15-20 minutes down to about that many seconds.  The tool head stays in the machine, so less probing is needed after the changeover, as well.

HT Series offers users a lower initial investment, minimized tooling time, reductions of tooling quantities and related costs, plus considerably lower inventories.  Further savings are realized by the high degree of flexibility in the system, the shortest gauge line of any system on the market, meaning no additional tool length consumed, standard coolant-through design, exceptional repeatability to 0.0002” and easier handling of the components, resulting in lower setup costs.

This new quick-change system is available from Heimatec with all common outputs, including collet, extended collet, collet with tension and expansion for tapping, weld-on, weld-on extended, arbor, hydro-chuck, indexable insert holder, shrink fit and blank/plug design.

Interested parties can see the HT Series in action on youtube at:


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Heimatec is an international tooling manufacturer, based in Renchen, Germany. Its experienced staff is dedicated to providing customers the most innovative tooling technology possible. In 2010, the company opened Heimatec Inc. in Prospect Heights, IL, near Chicago, to serve its growing North American customer base with sales and service, plus an extensive inventory of products. Heimatec serves the auto, aero, medical, off-highway, rail, energy, woodworking, composites and other industries, as well as an ever-increasing number of machine tool OEM’s worldwide.