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Exact Metrology Scans Monument Circle in Indianapolis

Innovative, an ad agency in Indianapolis, was contacted by Downtown Indy Inc. to create a light projection at Monument Circle for Veterans Day. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, it features the Soldiers & Sailors Monument and the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum. Downtown Indy Inc., the city’s nonprofit organization, received a grant from the Lilly Endowment for the show and the goal of the ad agency was to produce a projection show that will be image mapped on two buildings in the circle’s southwest quadrant. To accomplish this, Innovative became the creative content provider for Exact Metrology. 

Mesh data created by the Leica scanner

Mesh data created by the Leica scanner

Greg Hoeting, the application specialist at Exact Metrology, used a Leica P40 to collect point cloud data. Leica ScanStation P-Series 3D laser scanners are ideal for capturing 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, creating an as-built representation of large industry complexes, reconstructing crime scenes or generating 3D data for integration into Building Information Modeling (BIM). In addition, these laser scanners offer unsurpassed range and angular accuracy with low-range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation that form 3D color point clouds mapped realistically.

Next, Hoeting used Polyworks® to mesh the data and export a .stl file. The Polyworks® software suite maximizes productivity, quality and profit when integrating 3D measurement devices into the industrial manufacturing process. The software interfaces directly with major brands and technologies of single- point and point cloud 3D models through plug-in extension models. Furthermore, Polyworks® supports a wide array of native point cloud and polygonal model file formats.

Lastly, Hoeting used Leica Cyclone to align the color texture with a center point at the base of the monument. This point cloud processing software provides the widest range of options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications.

Exact Metrology scanned around the monument and several buildings such as: Novel Coworking Circle Tower, IPL, Guaranty Building, Salesforce Tower (Chase Tower portion). 

Exact Metrology is an ISO AS9100 Certified along with being FFL and ITAR Registered.

Exact Metrology, with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Moline, Illinois and affiliated offices throughout the Midwest, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D and CT scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings. The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements. 

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