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Exact Metrology Scans Bobblehead for Museum

Finished Exact Metrology "Bobby Boy" Statue from ScanExact Metrology was hired by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to scan their “Classic Bobble Boy” bobblehead. The bobblehead was scanned with the Hexagon Romer absolute arm. The portable measuring arm allows users to measure on the machine or the shop floor. The Hexagon Romer features no honing procedures, simplicity of operation and reliable 3D measurements.  Articulated arms can be equipped with probes of different lengths and scan heads that measure even difficult-to-reach points either optically or by touch.

The entire process of scanning and data processing was done in a couple of hours. The captured data was used to create a six foot statue replica. At present, the statue is being painted and will be displayed in front of the museum.



"Bobby Boy" Computer Scan from Exact Metrology"Bobby Boy" Scanning Process at Exact Metrology

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