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Exact Metrology Introduces Artec Ray Laser Scanner


Exact’s new scanner provides fast and accurate data for applications such as: reverse engineering, inspection, construction (BIM), product design, forensics, and heritage presentation.

exact metrology artecExact Metrology is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new Artec Ray laser scanner. Ideal for scanning large objects like wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes, and buildings, the Artec Ray offers ultra-high precision and speed. With the ability to scan up to 110 meters away, this scanner offers submillimeter distance accuracy and best in class angular accuracy. In addition, data capture is cleaner than with any other 3D scanner of this type and keeps noise levels at an absolute minimum. As a result, post-processing time is greatly reduced.

exact metrology artecScanning with Artec Ray is easy. Users need only place it on a tripod in front of the object they wish to scan and press the button. Portable and compact, the laser scanner can be set up easily indoors or outdoors. There’s no need to worry about finding a power source, since the internal battery lasts up to 4 hours.

Additionally, Artec Ray is equipped with software solutions. Once scanned, the scan is processed directly into the powerful Artec Studio, then seamlessly exported to Geomagic Design X.

To obtain maximum benefits, Artec Ray can be paired with Eva or Spider handheld Artec scanners to scan hard-to-reach areas such as the interiors of cars or add intricate detail to a large-scale 3D model.

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Exact Metrology, with facilities in Cincinnati and Milwaukee and affiliated offices throughout the Midwest, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings. The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements.