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New Ex9CA Safety Contactor from NOARK Electric

New Ex9CA Safety Contactor from NOARK Electric

New Ex9CA Safety Contactor from NOARK ElectricPomona, CANOARK Electric is proud to announce the release of the new Ex9CA Safety Contactor. The NOARK Ex9CA Safety Contactor is designed for use in safety function applications. It offers unique features that allow the design of safety control circuits with current ratings up to 38A. The Normally Closed (NC) Auxiliary contact is a mirror contact to the main contacts and is mechanically linked to the Normally Open (NO) Auxiliary contacts. This allows for optimal design selections in SRP/CS*. Applications for the Ex9CA include: E-stops, light curtains, safety gates and safety interlocks.

New Ex9CA Safety Contactor from NOARK ElectricThe NOARK Electric Ex9CA is equipped with a permanent transparent cover that prevents manual operation and provides easy identification of the device status. They are available with either AC or DC operating coils. DC coil models are equipped with integrated surge suppression.  Each unit is clearly identified by the prominent red front cover marked with a mechanically linked contact symbol. They install easily on 35mm DIN rail or on panels. Like all NOARK Electric products, the Ex9CA is back by a 5-year limited warranty.

NOARK Electric is a global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial manufacturing applications. We specialize in motor controls and protection for original equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products at an exceptional value and back them with world-class service and support. Every NOARK product is tested and certified to the highest standards and covered by our exclusive five-year limited warranty.



NOARK Electric
2188 Pomona Blvd.
Pomona, CA 91768

For more information, please contact:
Mark Mathews, Marcom Manager
Phone: 626.330.7007 x. 103 • Email: mark.mathews@noark-electric.com

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tecnicrafts platinum tooling

Platinum Tooling President Presents Product Lines in New Video

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of Heimatec Live Tools and Angle Heads, Tecnicrafts Swiss Collets and Guide Bushings, Henninger Spindle Speeders and AMF Cleaning and Marking tools, recently created a video highlighting the products they would have shown in their booth at IMTS this year.

Preben Hansen, company president, presented the various product lines Platinum Tooling offers and highlights the areas of expansion since the last IMTS show in 2018.  Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. has a wide selection of machine tool accessories for most machine brands.    

Hansen demonstrated the u-tec® flexible changing system for Live Tools offered from their flagship brand, Heimatec.  The tool featured was an ER 32 output cross-working tool for a BMT style turret.  While standard ER 32 collets can be used in this tool, Hansen explained the beauty of the built-in changing system designed to receive a variety of adapters for different applications.  With this system, the customer realizes both flexibility and cost savings.    

Due to the budgetary restraints caused by COVID-19, Hansen commented that many buyers are interested in buying tools that can help them do more with their existing machines, rather than investing in new equipment.  One example shown was a twin spindle tool which creates a second output from a single turret position.  Another tool featured was an adjustable angle tool that allows users to produce a feature on the workpiece with a compound angle without having to re-fixture the part.

In addition, Heimatec offers a wide range of Static Tools to complement their Live Tools.  This includes boring bar holders, facing holders, standard and half index turning tools as presented.  Other new developments from the company include CAPTO output tooling and Live and Static Tools for Citizen machines.  Platinum Tooling stocks many of these tools at their headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois.     

The last tool highlighted from the Heimatec line was a Machining Center Angle Head weighing 12 pounds with an ER 25 output that can hold a 5/8” cutter.  At this weight, the tool can be used with almost any Automatic Tool Changers on the market.  This is just one of many Angle Head styles offered by Platinum Tooling.  As with Live Tools, most Angle Heads are designed with the u-tec® flexible changing system.   

The Tecnicrafts line is another area of expansion featured by Platinum Tooling.  Collets and Guide Bushings for Swiss type CNC Lathes, specialty collets for CNC cutter grinders as well as 5C & 16C Collets are included in their selection.  These high-quality workholding tools are offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes.  Many popular items in inch and metric sizes are stocked at Platinum Tooling.    

Speed Increasers and Custom Angle Heads from Henninger are also offered through Platinum Tooling.  Speeder types include mechanical, air, and motor driven.  Mechanical driven speed increasers provide rpm up to 50,000, while air and high frequency speeders offer rpm up to 80,000.   

Lastly, Hansen introduced the Cleaning and part Marking tools supplied by AMF.  Typically used in toolholders utilizing ER Collets or Weldon clamping systems, these tools can be used independently or in conjunction with each other during the machining process.  The high-speed marking tool will permanently mark the workpiece while the cleaning tool washes away unwanted chips.  New for Platinum Tooling this year is the AMF gripper.  This product is operated pneumatically by compressed air or hydraulically with coolant via the machine spindle for repositioning the workpiece. 

Platinum Tooling prides itself on representing the highest quality machine tool accessories in the marketplace.  They offer standard and custom tools throughout their product lines to help with the most challenging applications.

A new Platinum Tooling Image Catalog is now available upon request featuring all of the products lines shown in the video.     

For more information, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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Suhner ECONOmaster Brochure

Suhner Industrial Products Releases New Brochure Detailing their ECONOmaster® Drilling Unit

Brochure Provides Technical Data and Feature Details on Popular, Economically Priced Unit

Suhner ECONOmaster BrochureSuhner Industrial Products recently released a revised 6-page color brochure detailing their ECONOmaster® drilling unit. The ECONOmaster® line is made in the USA and is suitable for multiple materials, such as metal, wood, and plastics.

The revised brochure offers detailed information, including technical data, product features, specifications and mechanical drawings. It features speed & feed charts as well as a full range of collet sizes available.  Optional mounting stand and details for 2 spindle multi-head & adapters are also shown.  The final page includes a part numbering matrix that is easy to understand and helps the customer order the perfect unit.

The ECONOmaster® drilling unit is affordably priced at just over $3,000 for the basic unit. It is in stock for immediate delivery or customizable to suit the customers application.

For more information, please contact:

Suhner Industrial Products Corporation – Machining Division
25 Anderson Road SW
Rome, GA 30161 USA
Phone: 706-235-8046
Fax: 706-235-8045

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Platinum Tooling Hires New Sales Manager

Chris Blaine Sales ManagerPlatinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of Heimatec Live Tools and Angle Heads, Tecnicrafts Swiss Collets and Guide Bushings, Henninger Speeders, and AMF Cleaning and Marking tools, is excited to announce that they have hired a new regional sales manager.

Effective immediately, Chris Blaine will oversee all sales activities related to four Platinum Tooling rep groups across the country.  This includes Machine Tool Accessory Sales which covers the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.   Additionally, the territory includes Evergreen Tool Group Tool in Michigan, McGill Sales in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, and lastly, CMI covering the states of Indiana and Kentucky.

Chris has strong technical knowledge of machine tools and machine tool accessories.  Before joining Platinum Tooling, Chris worked for 3 years at Morris Group, Inc./Velocity Products headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut.  As sales manager, he was responsible for managing their Live Tool sales for many states in the Midwest.  In addition to his vast knowledge of Live Tools, Chris also held the position of project manager for machining center products including rotary tables.  He also has experience with new product development and all levels of product and sales management.

Chris has gained experience through working with complex parts used in the aerospace, medical, defense, diesel fuel systems, automotive, oil and gas, and down hole industries.  Chris has a vast understanding of metals which allows him to make recommendation for the appropriate tooling given a specific application.

Blaine studied Manufacturing Technologies at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He looks forward to his work at Platinum Tooling saying, “I am excited to apply and expand my technical expertise and sales ability as a member of Platinum Tooling.”

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., is located in Prospect Heights, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). They recently expanded their facility to provide increased inventory to better serve the marketplace.

For more information, please contact:
Preben Hansen, President
Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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ANCA New Tooling System Chuck

A New Tooling System for Woodworking Blade Profiles on FX Machines

ANCA machine innovation and software combine for a complete package for producing woodworking tools, reducing set-up times 

By Simon Richardson, Product Manager
ANCA is well known for offering standard and special custom solutions for our customers. When ANCA designs a custom solution, we give our customers tailored and diverse options with shorter set-up times. In an increasingly challenging market, companies grinding tools are always looking at innovative products and diversifying into different sectors using existing or new machinery.

Woodworking BladeANCA recently developed a new product which provides more flexibility and capability while enhancing the FX machine range. The product is a tooling system used on FX5 and FX7 machines which offers the ability to easily interchange between woodworking profile blades and cylindrical (shank) tools.

This means companies grinding woodworking tools can grind blade profiles and then quickly change to cylindrical shank tools, such as compression routers. In addition, companies focusing predominantly on engineering tools can consider adding woodworking blade profiles to their product portfolio.

This tooling system comes as a package. The package includes a workholding adaptor (blade chuck) to hold flat profile blades and a blade gripper head fitted to the robot loader to load woodworking blades or cylindrical tools without any mechanical changes. This means the robot head does not need to be changed. A blade gripper is used to load and unload blades and gripper fingers for loading cylindrical tools. Optional pallets are available for both blades and shank tools.

The blade chuck works with a pull stud clamping mechanism. Switching between the blade chuck and standard collet adaptor (for cylindrical tools) is done in minutes. Automatic loading and grinding of blade profiles with a smallest size of 20 x 20mm (0.78”) and largest size of 80 (3.14”) x 30mm (1.18”) is possible. This system is also retrofittable to existing FX5 and FX7 machines.

The blade chuck work holding has an adjustable insertion depth between 8 (5/16”) and 28mm (1.10”). The chuck can accommodate blades on or between 0.5 (0.019”) to 4mm (0.15”) thick using different size datum blocks. When manual loading, the chuck can hold blades up to 120mm (4.72”) long. Blades with a bevelled edge can also be supported. An air blast operates during the clamping and unclamping cycles to ensure the chuck is free of any contaminants. Digitizing of the top, side and bottom of the blade along with notches or datum features is possible. The chuck can also rotate for blades with an undercut feature, so the profile can be ground normal to the blade surface.

In addition to the tooling system for blades, ANCA has a dedicated software package for grinding varied and multiple blade profiles. The user-friendly software enables quick programming and short set-up times. The user can easily define the workholding, blank and profile or import a DXF. The blades themselves are mounted into tools used on different woodworking machinery for cutting profiles into solid wood furniture and components such as skirting boards and architraves.

When grinding blade profiles, the depth of the profile can be quite deep, and a lot of stock needs to be removed. Slice Roughing is a method of removing large amounts of stock from the blade very aggressively, meaning shorter cycle times. Slice Roughing repeatedly plunges the roughing wheel downwards into the blade from the top of the blank to the finish stock amount specified by the user. When grinding blade profiles with ANCA software, it’s possible to control the wheel pivot and relief angles along the profile which is important for blade grinding. This flexible tooling system combined with blade software, offers a complete package for producing woodworking tools.

Simon Richardson is one of ANCA’s Product Managers, looking after the technical development and commercialization of a range of machines and technology. Simon has 25 years of experience in the grinding industry, building an extensive understanding of market needs, trends and opportunities. Simon uses his intimate knowledge of ANCA products and grinding in general to offer the industry and customers a range of insights, tips and expertise to enable everyone’s ongoing success.  A well-known figure amongst grinders, Simon joined ANCA in 2003 in the UK as a Sales Manager before emigrating to Australia in 2007.

For further information, please contact:
Sepideh Zandieh
PR and Communications Manager, ANCA
M: +61 439 316 131

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

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Grieve Truck Oven

550°F Truck Oven From Grieve

Grieve Truck OvenThis Grieve oven is a 550°F (288°C) new truck oven customized from the standard TCH-550 model and is currently used for heat processing parts at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 60” W x 60” D x 60” H.  30 KW are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements, while a 2000 CFM, 2 HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload.

This Grieve truck oven has 6” insulated walls, an aluminized steel interior and aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish. Features include a purge timer, two-position dampers on fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet and a 1200 lb. capacity stainless steel loading truck. Additional features include a 325 CFM powered forced exhauster with an airflow safety switch. The oven includes all safety equipment required by NFPA Standard 86, IRI, FM and OSHA.

Controls on this Grieve oven include a UL listed control panel, a programmable temperature controller, SCR power controller, a circular chart recorder and a circuit breaker disconnect switch mounted through control panel door.

For more information, please contact:


500 Hart Road
Round Lake, IL 60073-2898
Phone:  (847) 546-8225
Fax:  (847) 546-9210
Web:  www.grievecorp.com
Email:  sales@grievecorp.com
Attention:  Frank Calabrese, VP

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Platinum Tooling Catalog Cover

Platinum Tooling Releases New Catalog

Platinum Tooling Catalog CoverPlatinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of standard and custom Live Tools, Angle Heads, and Multiple Spindle Tools manufactured by heimatec GmbH, is excited to announce the release of their new catalog.

The newly released catalog offers an updated look and features their high quality machine tool accessory lines, including: heimatec GmbH – Live Tools and Machining Center Angle Heads; Tecnicrafts Industries – Collets & Guide Bushings for Swiss Type CNC Lathes; Henninger GmbH u. Co. KG – Mechanical, Air & Motor Speeders, plus Custom Machining Center Angle Heads; Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) – Cleaning & Marking Tools.

Preben Hansen, President of Platinum Tooling, is known throughout the industry for his expertise and experience in the tooling industry. Hansen will continue to offer advice and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your application.

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., is located in Prospect Heights, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). They recently expanded their facility to provide increased inventory to better serve the marketplace.

For more information, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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Smaller Tool Manufacturers Take Advantage of Breakthroughs in Industrial Automation

By Duncan Thompson, ANCA Product Manager

ANCA's CIM3D Simulation Gives Automated Collision InformationIndustrial automation is changing the way cutting tool manufacturers operate. Machines have taken on the heavy lifting at each stage of production letting workers get on with less repetitive tasks. And while automation may sound costly and complex to implement, it’s not reserved just for just big business. There are dozens of ways a small cutting tool manufacturer can embrace automation for a more efficient and more innovative factory.

What are the benefits of industrial automation?

  • Cost reduction, through labour costs or machine uptime. The drive for automation is being driven by availability of skilled labour, where and machines can fill those gaps.
  • Automation is an important step to help people meet regulatory obligations with relation to the limits of weekly work hours without compromising machine utilisation.
  • Reduced material handling makes run smaller batches much more cost effective.
  • Streamlining of existing processes and systems across the business.
  • Eliminating mistakes in material management.
  • Automating in-process measurement raises the quality of tool production and can nearly eliminate waste, meaning more profit.

Don’t invent; stand on the shoulder of giants
It’s true that bigger companies have more buying power. When it comes to industrial automation, they have plenty of scope to ask for tailored developments to suit very specific needs, or to make these adjustments in house. But as new technology and solutions are developed in response to these requests, the industry as a whole will benefit.

Just because a technology is off the shelf, doesn’t mean it is ‘standard’. In fact, our industry is constantly evolving as new solutions are found and applied. While their technology development may have been developed at the request of a large customer, as soon as it’s scalable it can be rolled out to suit most businesses. At ANCA this includes many of our innovations including 3D simulation software, our in-process measurement system Laser Plus, and RoboTeach, which makes robotic loaders accessible and easy to program.

ANCA's Roboteach SolutionThe addition of laser etching on a Robot loader is another example that has increased the functionality of the grinding machine by including what would otherwise have been additional downstream steps in the process of making tools.

As a small tool manufacturer, vendors recognise that your priority is maximising your factory’s efficiency – machine uptime versus setup time. They know that you need software and accessories that will help you keep things ticking over without wasting time and money reloading materials.
ANCA's LaserPlusHow do you approach where to start?
Chances are there will be no obvious trigger when it comes to adopting industrial automation. Many smaller businesses won’t have planned to develop the level of automation they have. Some may have started only after an increase in labour and setup costs forced them to look for ways to run more smartly. But that is ok, you can build your automation solution piece by piece – as long as you have an agreed vision.

It may be as simple as being observant and seeing which steps in your production process have the greatest cost. Unlike other efficiency drives there is no harm in approaching this piecemeal. Start by attacking the area of your business that will provide you with greatest value. For instance:

Look for industrial automation solutions that reflect how you operate
At the smaller end of the tool cutting market there’s a good chance you’re producing small batch lots and changing geometry multiple times a day, rather than leaving the machine running constantly making the same tool all day.

In this world innovation is often a secondary need to maximising day-to-day productivity. For instance, look for solutions that allow the operator to step away from the machine and carry out other tasks, rather than being there all day. Automating geometry changes and your existing manual material management processes can make a real change to how much they are able to do elsewhere and help you maximise machine uptime vs setup time. Time is, after all, money.

Automate production but also consider automating processes
You may not have the business budgets to request tailored solutions, but out-of-the-box solutions are available that can be used to manage inventory, integrate with your ERP to manage job order, and even pack ready for dispatch. Many will work effectively with your existing processes, even if you have never automated them before.

ANCA's AutomationIndustrial automation can keep your focus on people
A small cutting tool factory relies on every working part being up to scratch – and that includes your people. Automation removes the risk of human error creating a safer working environment that’s less likely to be disrupted. Furthermore, changing government legislation is limiting how many hours employees can work. Automation is the obvious solution to maximise machine up time when people are not present.

Applying industrial automation solutions that connect you more to your customers will allow you to see in real time what they’re low on, what’s in high demand, or what’s coming up in your production that will suit their requirements. This allows you to explore other areas of production and manufacture tools knowing with confidence what your customers want.

Everyone can afford and benefit from existing industrial automation solutions
Automation can take the pain out of being a small tool shop. Your new factory of the future will be able to produce multiple kinds of tools without getting bogged down in manual operations.

We can all benefit from streamlining systems and processes. Focus on your speciality and leverage the tech that’s already out there. There are better ways for you to use your time. Grind the wheel, don’t reinvent it.

Duncan Thompson is a Product Manager at ANCA, responsible for the technical direction and commercialisation of new machine and application developments. Having been at ANCA for over 22 years, Duncan has gained intimate market and grinding application knowledge by working across a range of roles including service, application grinding, sales, special project development and marketing roles. As a fluent Japanese speaker, Duncan was based in the Japanese market for three years and retains strong ties to customers in that unique market. Today, Duncan’s motivation and passion in the Product Manager role comes from “working with customers from diverse international markets to understand their challenges and being instrumental in delivering solutions.


For further information, please contact:
Sepideh Zandieh
PR and Communications Manager, ANCA
M: +61 439 316 131


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Exact Metrology Reverse Engineering Final Product

Exact Metrology Showcases Potential of Reverse Engineering

Exact Metrology Reverse Engineering CT ScanGreenery 33 is a company in Cincinnati, Ohio that produces creative and unique plant holders and pots.  The company donates 33% of their earnings to environmental protection agencies. One of Exact’s engineers is friendly with Greenery 33’s owner, so Exact Metrology participated in a marketing campaign aimed to show the process of reverse engineering and how it can used with various materials.

Exact Metrology Reverse Engineering Plant HoldersThe first step was to scan and have a digital copy of a physical skull.  Secondly, the skull was reverse engineered using Geomagic DesignX software and NURBS. Geomagic is a leading provider of 3D software to create digital models of physical objects for industries such as: archaeology, aerospace, medical and dental, tooling, foundry and sculpture and arts. The Geomagic Design X combines history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing, enabling users to create feature-based, edible solid models compatible with existing CAD software. NURBS, or Non-Uniform Rational B-spline is used to represent curves and surfaces. Next, surface analysis is performed with Geomagic Design X for parametric modeling. Afterwards, NURBS is inspected with a color map against the scanned data of Geomagic. Lastly, .stl files rendered in Keyshot 3D of the skull are placed in product shots for Greenery 33.

Exact Metrology Reverse Engineering Final ProductThis process took two days. By using reverse engineering, Exact Metrology showed Greenery 33 an efficient and cost-saving way of working with materials like plastic, glass and ceramic without physically reconstructing it.

Exact Metrology is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Certified Company 

Exact Metrology, with facilities in Cincinnati, OH, Moline, IL and Milwaukee, WI and affiliated offices throughout the country, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D and CT scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings.   The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements.  

Exact Metrology offers a complete line of portable scanning and measurement technologies as well as contract measurement for 3D laser scanning services, reverse engineering services, non-contact inspection, metrology services, and 3D digitizing. The company’s newest equipment includes a CT Scanner, the first in America being used for metrology rather than medical testing. Exact sells and rents metrology equipment solutions, in addition to providing testing as a service and application software training.


For information, please contact:

Dean Solberg
20515 Industry Avenue
Brookfield, WI 53045
Local: 262-533-0800


Steve Young
11575 Goldcoast Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Local: 513.831.6620
Toll Free: 866.722.2600

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Grieve New Website

Leading Manufacturer of Ovens & Furnaces Launches New Website

Grieve New WebsiteThe Grieve Corporation, experts in industrial manufacturing of ovens and furnaces with a long history of 70+ years, launched an updated website with new features and enhancements to existing capabilities.

“As our company continues to grow, we look for our new website to offer the digital tools necessary to better serve our customers,” said Tony Caringella, COO.

The website details Grieve’s entire selection of ovens and furnaces in a digital catalog that is easy to navigate. With hundreds of different models, customers can help narrow down the right equipment for their process by utilizing the oven finder tool by applying filters such as workspace area, operating temperature, loading method and more. Although the company offers hundreds of standard models, Grieve also has unique customization abilities to engineer the best equipment for one’s application; the site details many custom ovens and furnaces as well.

Site visitors can browse Grieve’s selections of ovens and furnaces and submit a request for quotation; the viewer can find the equipment that fits their process needs, along with compatible modifications and accessories, and submit a message directly to Grieve for a customized quotation that can be tailored to a specific process or application.

Ordering replacement parts is made simple with the Ecommerce platform. Customers can search by part type to find parts needed for their equipment, and order directly from the website. The Grieve team will verify the item with the customer’s equipment to ensure compatibility.  Customers are also encouraged to create an account which will hold their information for ease of checkout for future purchases.

Grieve works with sales representatives throughout the country (as well as globally) to support customers that would like assistance at their workspace to determine the best equipment for their needs.  A local sales representative can be located using the Locate a Rep tool. Another resource for customers is the extensive resource library, housing hundreds of manuals, component literature, safety information, etc.

Explore these features, as well as additional information on all of Grieve’s products, processes, and services at www.grievecorp.com.

Contact info:

Allison Luber: (847) 546-8225
The Grieve Corp
500 Hart Rd, Round Lake, IL 60073

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