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Screw Plug Immersion Heater

Durex Industries Releases Quick Ship Program for Standard and Custom Designed Process Heaters

Durex Circulation HeaterDurex Industries, Cary, Illinois, a leading manufacturer of electric industrial heaters, sensors, and systems, now offers screw plug, flange immersion and circulation heaters with fast turn shipping capabilities.

Durex uses product platforms to provide standard “catalog” type designs as well as customized designs in the same fast turnaround window. Plug heaters ship in 3 to 5 days. Flange heaters ship in 5 to 7 days. Circulation heaters in 9 to 12 days. Regardless if standard or custom configured. In addition, there is no upcharge for customized units or “non-standard” configurations.

To facilitate this fast response, Durex has tech support personnel manning the phones to provide fast, intelligent support to get the right solution into customer hands as quickly as possible.

Durex builds standard as well as custom heaters for a host of applications and industries, including power plants, oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, packaging, heat treating, cleaning & plating, aerospace, semiconductor processing, and food service equipment.

  • Flange Immersion Heater
  • Screw Plug Immersion Heater

About Durex Industries

Durex Industries is a leader in the design and manufacture of electric industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controls and process heating systems. Located in Cary, Illinois, company facilities were recently expanded to over 200,000 square feet to accommodate production expansion as well as R&D and engineering support teams.

For more information, please contact:

Rich Hartfelder, Director of Sales & Marketing
Durex Industries
190 Detroit Street
Cary, IL 60013
Phone: 866-712-5014

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FZ33 milling head in action

Zimmermann Hosts Open House


Machine tool builder of various mills introduces new moldmaking machine

Sit down area of the open houseWixom, Michigan-On July 24-25, Zimmermann Inc., the North American affiliate of Zimmermann GmbH in Germany, hosted an open house at its headquarters here for its customers and prospects in North America. Among the crowd were many major suppliers to aerospace and automotive, as well as other large part producers for the OEM, media from the industry, suppliers and other associates of Zimmermann. Machines were on display, highlighted by the company’s FZ33, a compact and highly flexible 5-axis gantry mill designed specifically for moldmaking.

Presentations were given throughout the event, which also featured displays from a number of Zimmermann business partners, including Mapal, Keller, Siemens, Zoller, Heidenhain, Fischer, Tebis, Unisorb, Weiss and Haimer.

The open house was hosted by Zimmermann GmbH President Frieder Gänzle, as well as Zimmermann, Inc. President Cornelius Kiesel and his team for North American engineering, sales and service.

Gänzle commented, “We are very committed to success in the American moldmaking market, as we have experienced good results in aerospace and other large component production for years here.” Kiesel echoed that sentiment, “Our customers are growing in number in the moldmaking industry, owing to the solid stability of our machines, with their highly flexible programming capability and swivel 5-axis head, that allow very fine finishing on the mold surfaces, as well as intricate pocket machining with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.”

One of the main suppliers to Zimmermann for CNC is Heidenhain and Gisbert Ledvon, the company’s marketing manager who attended the event, observed, “Zimmermann is a very good customer, as they work closely with us and their customers to produce CNC programs for application-specific purposes. They also put on a very fun event!”

As a testimony to the long-lasting quality of Zimmermann milling machines, a unit built over 20 years ago was also on display. This machine is currently being retrofitted for resale to an interested customer. (Interested parties may contact Cornelius Kiesel at Zimmermann for details.) The machine is well suited to the aerospace industry, where Zimmermann offers its portal milling machines for spars and stringers for all commercial aircraft currently in use.

All attendees enjoyed the food, evening entertainment and collegiality at the event.


For more information, please contact:

Zimmermann, Inc.
30587 Century Drive
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: 248-305-9707
Attention: Lena Kiesel, Marketing Manager

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S-EW3 Beaumont Machine

Beaumont Machine Offers a New Value-Priced EDM

S-EW3 Beaumont Value-Priced EDMLeading supplier of fast hole EDMs now offers a new CNC wire-cut EDM machine, S-EW3 at an affordable price.

Beaumont Machine, located in Southwest Ohio, has updated its EDM line with a new machine, the S-EW3.  This 5-axis servo motor EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) combines several key features for only $69,900.00. These include compact space, approach control, corner control, auto threader and training software.

The S-EW3 Wire EDM is designed by Optimum Machine Solutions and built by a strong Taiwan manufacturer of wire cutting machines, established in 2006. The company specializes in various series of wire cutting EDM machines. In addition, the machine takes up only 42 square feet of floor space, including the machine’s filtration unit.  Programmable reduced power settings eliminate wire breaks on lead-in cutting. Automatic adjustment to power settings and feed rate improve corner accuracy. The EDM machine also features an AWT (Auto Wire Threading) that is low maintenance and highly capable.

Regarding the CNC controller, it features a Windows embedded operating system, an independently developed CNC control device, a 15” Color LCD, 64  bits industrial computer and a memory card with capacity of  2GB CF. Furthermore, it includes keyboard, mouse stand, RS-232, USB disk, network and FTP.

The discharge power supply has high speed voltage withstanding MOSFET, a modular design discharge power unit and real-time sparking pulse control.

S-EW3’s features a 5-axis linear guide way, 5-axes AC servo motors, ball screws (grade X/Y C1, U/V C3, Z C5), high stability mechanical structure and a reliable AWT system.

Optional features available are a 3 phase transformer, short message service, remote monitor system, jumbo feeder, a wire guide on top and one on the bottom.

A new “E” learning training software enhances the customer’s S-EW3 experience.

For more information, please contact:

Ed Beaumont
4001 Borman Drive
Batavia, OH 45103
Phone: 513-701-0421
Web: www.beaumontmachine.com
Email: beaumach@msn.com

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Dukane Announces Acquisition of Aurizon, LLC.

Dukane Booth at IDEA Show - Acquisition of AurizonDukane acquired all the assets and intellectual property of Aurizon, LLC in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Aurizon is a global leader in developing high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for converting nonwoven materials, bonding textiles & films and sealing packages. With 30+ years of R&D in product design and application experience, Aurizon holds a significant patent portfolio. These patents and the team’s experience have significantly improved the speed and capabilities of the ultrasonic continuous bonding process. Over the years, Dukane and Aurizon have worked together closely to develop a generator solution for continuous ultrasonic bonding, sealing and converting.  This collaboration advanced the core technology and application knowledge of Aurizon, Dukane and our customers.

This acquisition will create significant synergies and opportunities for Dukane and Aurizon, allowing both companies to share their technical expertise in the hygiene, personal care, medical disposable and packaging industries. For the hygiene market, Aurizon’s product line will expand with Dukane’s fixed (blade) sonotrode technology for customers who don’t require continuous rotary bonding.  For the packaging industry, both Dukane and Aurizon have developed several applications and will combine their sales and engineering efforts to better meet the demands of our packaging customers. Dukane’s product portfolio includes the ultrasonic, vibration welder, spin welders, laser welders, hot plate welders, hot gas welders and infrared welders. These products will now be complimented by Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology. This addition to the product portfolio will be supported through Dukane’s worldwide sales and service network in conjunction with the team at Aurizon. With Dukane products installed at manufacturing facilities all over the world, Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology will be a welcome addition for existing and future customers.

Dukane and Aurizon Banner - Acquisition of AurizonAurizon will continue sales, support, manufacturing and design at the Kimberly, Wisconsin facility. This facility houses a state-of-the-art application laboratory for rotary ultrasonic applications. The plan is to expand the capabilities of the lab to handle fixed blade horn technology as well. Moving forward, both Dukane’s and Aurizon’s electrical and mechanical engineering groups will be working together in bringing new products and advanced technologies to the market.

President and CEO of Dukane, Mike Johnston says, “I have personally worked with Aurizon’s team for over 25 years. Knowing their technical capabilities and seeing the products they have developed makes me very proud to have Aurizon part of the Dukane organization.  The rotary technology for continuous applications and Aurizon’s capabilities far exceed any supplier in the industry. Rotary technology expands Dukane’s current wide range of ultrasonic processes. Whatever your bonding needs, Dukane has a solution.”

For more information:

2900 Dukane Drive
St. Charles, Illinois 60174 USA
Tel: (630) 797-4900

 Shivani Singh
Marketing Associate

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Facility Expansion and First-Of-Its-Kind Balancing Bunker Prepare Centrisys for Next Generation Centrifuge Manufacturing and Service

Note: Information taken from a discussion with Michael Kopper, the CEO and founder of Centrisys and Bill Fairbairn, Vice President and Building Expansion Manager at the company.  

Expanded Building Area

Centrisys/CNP, Kenosha, Wisconsin today announced the completion of a 34,000 square-foot building expansion, including an upgrade of its balancing equipment with a first-of-its-kind centrifuge balancing bunker in the interior of the building.

The Centrisys/CNP Manufacturing and Service Campus, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, consists of three buildings totaling 13,000 square feet. In 2016, it became apparent that the capital equipment manufacturing building was running out of workable space and needed an expansion. According to Kopper, “As the decision-making for the extension evolved, the addition of a next-generation balancing machine and bunker was logical. The safety of our employees, along with the assurance that every centrifuge we build and service is balanced correctly, was well worth the added expense.”

Because the balancing bunker is a first-of-its-kind solution, aimed at creating higher safety standards and increasing manufacturing productivity as well as efficiencies, a company committee was formed to design and build the bunker space and determine what equipment would work best.

According to Kopper, “We’ve been doing this type of work for a long time; centrifuge manufacturing and service have been our focus since the beginning.  We had a thorough understanding of what we wanted and what the industry needed. Having enough workspace in a shop is important to eliminate errors during the manufacturing process. No one likes to work in a space that’s too crowded.”  He added, “Underestimating the power of accurate balancing for a centrifuge is a big mistake. There is a tremendous cost to customers when a centrifuge is not in balance. High vibrations cause premature damage and wear to the centrifuge parts and structural components, creating higher repair costs and unnecessary process downtime.”

Centrisys partnered with Schenck USA Corp. and chose the HM7U for the upgrade. According to Fairbairn, “It has stronger supports and higher dynamic load capabilities; we can balance over- operating speed on machines with a diameter of 44” or greater. We can handle larger and heavier rotors, so this is the natural next step for manufacturing and servicing next generation centrifuges.”

The HM7U has a full range of safety features for all protection classes. The bunker isolates the operator in a protected control area and includes video monitoring to see into the balancing areas without the employee needing to be in proximity to the running equipment. Cranes are installed overhead to place parts and components in the balancing cradles.  Fairbairn concluded, “This set- up is something in which our team takes great pride, as it is world-class.”

Commenting on the future of Centrisys, Fairbairn said that the expansion changes were necessary and that the company’s growth “…has allowed us to build larger and greater numbers of centrifuges, along with different types of environmental process equipment.  As the only US manufacturer of decanter centrifuges in all environmental dewatering and thickening applications, Kopper stated, “I believe we’ve set the bar high for improved safety, productivity and efficiency. These are all essential to the higher standards we’ve established in our industry.” He added, “I won’t compromise on any of these factors at a Centrisys facility. Our customers shouldn’t ever be required to compromise, either.”

For more information, please contact:

9586 58th Place
Kenosha, WI 53144
Michele Whitfield or Jessie Jones

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Centrisys Earns Acclaim from Frost & Sullivan For Increasing the Efficiency of the THP Process In Sludge Treatment

The PONDUS TCHP helps wastewater and sludge treatment facilities pursue a more sustainable future through a waste-to-value strategy 

Centrisys PONDUS TCHPCentrisys/CNP, Kenosha, Wisconsin announced that it has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan with its 2019 North American Product Leadership Award for its PONDUS thermal hydrolysis process (THP).  With this product, Centrisys allows the North American sludge treatment industry to not only accelerate the sustainability of anaerobic digestion but also to significantly enhance THP.

“Centrisys/CNP, through its licensing agreement to distribute PONDUS TCHP in North America, offers the market a more productive process alternative by replacing steam with safe caustic soda. The simplified system uses only a heat efficiency exchanger, progressive cavity pumps and a reactor with no moving parts,” said Seth Cutler, Frost & Sullivan’s principal consultant.  “Through chemical reaction, the caustic soda breaks down cell membranes in the sludge as effective as steam. As a result, PONDUS TCHP offers operational simplicity avoids further personnel training and decreases the process carbon footprint.” ‘

TCHP reduces the volume of solids. This boosts the availability of digester capacity and the quality of outputs in biogas and solids. Biogas can be turned into heat, while the cake solids can be turned into fertilizer, soil amendments or nutrients. Thus, the product increases economic gains, economic care and offers a better future for communities.

“It is an honor that Frost & Sullivan gave us an award for PONDUS,” said Gerhard Fortner, CNP President. “The PONDUS process is a technology that just makes sense.  It is simple to operate, cost-effective and safe for all sized plants.”

PONDUS originated in Germany and is currently used in six installations in Europe and one in China. Centrisys introduced PONDUS in North America through an agreement in 2015. The PONDUS process was integrated into the facility and fully functional in just 15 months.

Cutler  further noted that this product can decrease the viscosity of thickened sludge up to 80%.  This is important, as it permits 50% reductions in volume for anaerobic digesters and frees up more space.  In addition, he pointed out that the produced sludge in the digesters is enhanced and can generate 30% more biogas, increasing value resource recovery. In addition, dewatering can result in improvements up to 5% in processing, while polymer consumption can shrink by 20% and eliminate foul odors in the facility.

The outstanding production and cost effectiveness gives Centrisys a huge advantage over traditional sludge treatment companies and position it for further growth.

Each year, Frost &Sullivan presents this award to a company that develops a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid market acceptance. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.

Centrisys/CNP will be at the WEF/IWA Residuals and Biosolids Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from May 8-9 at booth 609. Zhongtian Li, CNP Technical Manager will give a presentation about PONDUS on May 9 at 2:30 pm.

About Centrisys/CNP
Centrisys/CNP supports global sustainability through its resource intensification portfolio with water and wastewater equipment and processes. Our systems are simple. They are designed to use less energy, less chemicals and less space. Centrisys is a U.S.A. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners and also provides global service, repair and parts for all centrifuge brands. CNP, a division of Centrisys, designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems.

About Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today’s market participants. For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector, and the investment community. 

For more information, please contact:

9586 58th Place
Kenosha, WI 53144

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New Location for Beaumont

Beaumont Machine Relocates, Starts a New Chapter

Leading supplier of fast hole EDM renews commitment to industry, seeks continued expansion of machine line and markets


Beaumont Machine Loaded

The FH Series offers up to seven-axis fast hole EDM drilling capability for many applications, including aerospace, power generation, semiconductor manufacturing and more. Machines are entirely designed, engineered and built in the USA.


As company president Ed Beaumont explains, “We needed a fresh start and we were committed to making it happen, on every level, from our physical location to the machine offerings to the markets served and more.” And Beaumont Machine has done exactly that.

The company today announces the opening of its new manufacturing facility in the Cincinnati area, at 4001 Borman Drive, Batavia, Ohio 45103. Phone number is 513-701-0421. Website remains www.beaumontmachine.com.

Ed Beaumont continues, “I started the company over 25 years ago, had success in the aerospace industry here in Cincinnati and elsewhere. After five years of semi-retirement, I returned to run the company, with three goals in mind. I wanted to relocate the business to a larger facility, expand the machine line to offer more companies the benefits of our unique designs and, lastly, grow our consumables business, a key to long-term relationships with EDM customers, precisely because the wire, guides, electrodes, dielectric resin, filters, rotary unions, seal kits and more are critical components to keep the machines up and running.”

New Location for Beaumont

New building in Batavia, OH (Cincinnati) houses Beaumont Machine design, engineering, machine building, sales and service operations for the company.

As of today, all three goals have been met, resulting in more business for the company and an expansion into new markets such as semiconductor materials processing and land-based power generation, particularly turbine blades.

The consumable sales have ramped up, owing to Beaumont securing reliable partners and having the warehouse capacity to carry expanded inventories. Customers can now call on Beaumont for all their consumables needs.

“Though Beaumont machines are available with Fanuc or Siemens CNC controls,” Ed Beaumont explains, “our newest platform with Siemens allows us to create even more shapes with Realtime EDM. We bring them some pretty complex specs and they can always meet the challenges.”

Beaumont EDM machines are used primarily for precision placement of the cooling and gas flow holes in various products, from metering and diffuser holes on a jet engine turbine blade to large blade, seals, vanes and transition ducts on power gen equipment and more.

The company also provides customers fixture design, training, part programming assistance, engineering, turnkeys and vision system integration.

Ed Beaumont concludes, “It’s good to be back in the day-to-day operation of the business. It’s a passion for me and my team. We love solving EDM problems for our customers and will continue to push the envelope in machine performance.”

For more information, please contact:

Ed Beaumont
4001 Borman Drive
Batavia, OH 45103
Phone: 513-701-0421
Web: www.beaumontmachine.com
Email: beaumach@msn.com

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Centrisys Receives Award

Centrisys Receives Award From Salvation Army

Centrisys Receives Award

From L to R: Salvation Army Kenosha Board Chairman Tim Leach; Salvation Army Kenosha Auxiliary Captain Marie Lewis; Receiving the award on behalf of the Centrisys/CNP employees Jan Mosele & Carlos Contreras; President of Celebrate Our Town Cindy Nicoletti; Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth; Mayor of Kenosha John Antaramian.

Centrisys/CNP, Kenosha, Wisconsin is proud to announce that they have been recognized for their charitable contributions by the Kenosha Salvation Army. Centrisys was awarded the 2019 Other’s Award Recipient in the category of “Resources Supporting Others.” Jim Andresen, the company’s COO said, “By May 2019, the Centrisys/CNP employees will have contributed over $15,000 to the Salvation Army and the company matches match all of our employees’ contributions dollar-for-dollar.”

Established in 2017, Centrisys Cares is the company’s charity. They support the Salvation Army through two programs, Youth Program and Recreation Program and the Disaster Relief Services. Every year in May, the company hands over checks to the Salvation Army for the two programs.

The award ceremony, entitled “2019 Other’s Luncheon,” was held March 9, 2019 at 12 pm at the Bristol Oaks Country Club. Each award recipient received two complimentary tickets. Centrisys was represented by Jan Mosele, marketing assistant and Carlos Contreras, the HR manager at the company. All the winners received a plaque and had their picture taken. Commenting on the award, Mosele said, “We were thrilled to accept this award on behalf of our generous employees at Centrisys Corporation. For the past 20 years, Centrisys has been very proud to call Kenosha home, so we knew we wanted to sponsor a local charity and selected the Salvation Army.” She concluded, “It is truly an honor to call the Salvation Army our partner in giving.”

Centrisys Corporation is a U.S.A. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners and complete dewatering systems for municipal and industrial wastewater. The company’s focus is centrifuge equipment, including the award winning THK sludge thickener. Centrisys provides global service, repair and parts for all brands of centrifuges. CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems. CNP’s key technologies are: AirPrex® and CalPrex™, phosphorus recovery technologies, and PONDUS™, a Thermo-Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP). CNP is a division of Centrisys Corporation.


For more information, please contact:

9586 58th Place
Kenosha, WI 53144

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Chemcoaters Becomes Parent Company of Eco Green Coatings

Eco Green Coatings

Chemcoaters, a leading coil coater and manufacturer of proprietary coating chemistries, now owns Eco Green Coatings. Effective immediately, Eco Green Coatings has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Chemcoaters. The announcement was made by Chemcoaters at the company’s headquarters in Gary, Indiana.

Eco Green Coatings is the creator of InterReactive® coatings and the developer of the InterCoat® Chemguard family of coatings. As part of InterReactive® coatings, InterCoat® Chemguard is an innovative corrosion resistant and adhesion-enhancing coating that creates a permanent covalent reaction with any zinc or zinc-alloy coated substrate. InterCoat® Chemguard can be used as a stand-alone corrosion resistant coating or can be applied as a Hybrid Pretreatment that enhances corrosion resistance while simultaneously improving adhesion of prepaints, post paints and powder coatings.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Tieri
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Chemcoaters Inc.
700 Chase Street,
Gary, Indiana 46404
Phone: 219-977-1929
Email: MikeT@chemcoaters.com

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BCN Offers Press Parts, Repairs, and Rebuilds to OEMs

Brands of the Schuler Group provide customers with a wide range of products and services to meet their needs

BCN Parts Repair and Rebuild BrochurePart of the Schuler Group, a technological and global market leader in forming technology, BCN stands for machine brands Bliss, Clearing, and Niagara. BCN’s parts and products are available at the company’s 180,000 sq. foot facility in Hastings, Michigan. At this ISO 9001 certified facility, 150 skilled technicians and engineers manufacture quality parts for various pieces of equipment. These include face bridge mills, CNC lathes, CNC boring mills, surface grinders, rotary grinders, turret lathes, and many others.

Bliss Clearing Niagara technical services offer a complete range of related products-including spare parts, repair, inspections, remanufacturing, rebuilds, and modernizations.

Modernization services include complete press teardown and analysis, engineering analysis, repair or manufacture of parts and assembly that shows the original OEM specs. Also available are field service, on-site repair, trouble shooting, press relocations and press inspections.

Inside of BCN Repair BrochurePress rebuilds and upgrades are available for clutch and brake systems, overload systems, speed changes, automated die changes, can machinery and electrical controls.

Remanufacturing is offered on all brands of mechanical presses/ hydraulic presses and some forging presses.

OEM users can quickly receive their needed parts, thanks to a unique parts record that contains over 300,000 parts. These include clutches, brakes, gears, bearings, conversions/upgrades, perishable parts, frames, and connections. In addition to the brands that make up BCN, they also carry USI, Toledo, Consolidated Press, Wilkins and Mitchell and Warco. 

No matter the age of your part, BCN can provide you with timely and high quality retrofits, repairs, modernizations, replacements and services. Interested parties can contact Tony DeMerle, BCN’s Director of Sales.

For further information, please contact:

Tony DeMerle, Director of Sales
Bliss Press Systems
1004 East State Street
Hastings, MI 49058 USA

About the Schuler Group – www.schulergroup.com

Schuler is the technology and global market leader in the field of forming technology. The company provides presses, automation solutions, dies, process expertise and service for the entire metalworking industry and lightweight automobile construction. Its customers include automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers, as well as companies from the forging, household appliance, packaging, energy and electronics industries. Schuler is a leader in coin minting presses and implements system solutions for the aerospace, rail transport and large-dimension pipe manufacturing sectors. In the 2016 fiscal year, Schuler generated sales of 1.174 billion euros. After acquiring toolmaker AWEBA and a majority stake in Chinese press manufacturer Yadon, Schuler has a presence in 40 countries with roughly 6,600 employees. Schuler is majority-owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

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