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Another IMTS, but with BIG DIFFERENCES

As Industry 4.0 continues to make its mark on every industry in which we work for our industrial client base, no show better represents the sea change brought to the market better than IMTS, upcoming in a month.

The “digital factory”  and “big data” and “industrial internet of things” and other buzzwords are perceived quite differently by each market we serve, which is why marketers must be cognizant of the landscape in their particular industry, when addressing this issue.  Those concepts hit the ears of automotive, aerospace, medical, EOEM, forge and foundry people in radically different ways.  Learn where your market is today on the subject.  For a quick summary, call me!

I can remember the 1970s, when our injection molding machine client’s president instructed me not to use the world “electronic” in an ad, as he feared it would scare off his customers and prospects, as that industry was largely curing parts with glorified egg timers.  Today, that client’s machines are leading the charge in the generation, capture and cloud-based management of all production values and machine kinematics.  And we’ve been privileged to journey that path with them.

At IMTS, there will be numerous technologies…additive, hybrid, advanced ERP, edge technology and more…that simply did not exist a few years ago.  Some didn’t exist at the last show!  It’s what makes me and my team all the more excited to go to IMTS with a DOZEN clients this year, helping them leverage their skills and technology to meet these new challenges.

Long ago, IMTS meant the International Machine Tool Show.  Today, the same acronym is more rightly used for the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Whatever your industry, come and see the show!   It just might alter the way you see your business and its operations.

See you in the aisles!

Tim Daro, President
Bernard & Company