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500°F Combination Airflow Walk-in Oven from Grieve

No. 1015 is an electrically-heated 500°F(~260°C) combination airflow walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for preheating molds to be filled with metal alloy at the customer’s facility. 40 KW are installed in Incoloy sheated tubular heating elements. Workspace dimensions are 48” wide x 48” deep x 120” high. A 3,300 CFM, 2-HP recirculating blower provides combination airflow to the oven.

The unit has a 2” insulated floor with truck wheel guide tracks, an aluminized steel interior and exterior and an interior oven light. The roof has a 4” square access port and a 8” x 10” double pane Pyrex window that is adjacent to the access port.

Controls onboard No. 1015 include a digital indicating temperature controller, an adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature controller and 30-hour shut down timer.

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