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1000°F Electric High-temperature Universal Oven from Grieve

Grieve Corporation introduces No. 818, a 1000°F high-temperature universal oven, currently in use for cleaning and heat treating fuel nozzles at a customer’s facility.

818 GrieveWorkspace dimensions inside this unit measure 24” wide x 36” deep x 24” high.  24kW power is installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements.  A 1000 CFM, 3/4 HP recirculating blower provides a front-to-back horizontal “universal” airflow to completely surround the workload.

This Grieve oven features 8” thick insulated walls, an aluminized steel interior and exterior, plus inner and outer door gaskets.  The inner gasket seals directly against the door plug, while the other gasket seals directly against the front face of the oven for optimum seal integrity.  The unit accommodates up to seven shelves on 3” centers.

Standard equipment includes a digital indicating temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate heating element control contactors, a recirculating blower airflow safety switch and a UL Listed control panel, top-mounted to minimize floor space requirements.

All standard universal ovens by Grieve meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA Standards.

This unit was entirely designed, engineered, built and full tested by Grieve.

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